Viste passarinho verde?



Serigraphy titled "Did you see the little green bird"? An ode to the need for human beings to see the smallest things, as a more than a reason to make them happy!

In her frist approach to Serigraphy, designed and hand printed by Telma, it show her abstract vision of the world.

Beautiful art work printed on 240 grams paper in limited serie of 8 units

To make your home a meaningful, beautiful and happy a space



Disclaimer: Please note that actual colors may vary depending on the screen on which they are viewed. Always take note of the designation color as an extra help. Note as well, since is the frist time Telma printing by her own hands, each one of the 8 units may have some signs of hesitation. See it as a part of a manual and beautiful process.

© 2023, "Viste Passarinho Verde", Telma Ferreira. All rights reserved.

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