made by telma

for you

Telma's handmade work is a Bold statement. Highlights the union of architecture, art and design in a perfect combination of unique identity. TelmaDA is minimalist, colorful and architectural jewelry. Art is an extension of herself as an artist and design is accurate, strong and unique. Handmade Uniqueness to Unique People. In a clear approach of "DESIGN to USE" hand in hand with sustainable and circular commitment (know more in Sustainability)

100% handmade


Valuing time means enhancing detail and the art of doing well. TelmaDA is handwork where perfection of execution is there.

That takes time ... and I LOVE IT!



A work with a clear and identifying approach that provokes IDENTITY.

For me it has always been simple: Create Design pieces to use and to impact the world with our own identity.


To be kind

To be kind to the world that is our home. You are embracing Slow, Ethical and Circularity with TelmaDA. 90% of materials we use come from Dead-Stock

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