Hi, I'm Telma and Welcome to my universe,

Architect by training, I am a Portuguese Creative living and working in Porto, but always with an eye on the world.

Alongside my international experience working as an architect, I began to develop a very particular taste for prototypes. Taking me on an intense search and research for materials that match my expectations for a unique experience for those who use my creations.

TelmaDA® is born from a new concept, where the principles of architecture are articulated with design, in a very own language. In terms of sustainability and circularity, I work mostly with industrial materials, giving it a new plasticity and usability. Where features like Lightness are taken very seriously.

All my work is 100% manual, executed by me, in unique and limited series, making all the pieces, unique as in reality, they are. I look for irreverence and exclusivity in each piece as a pillar of my work, in a pure minimalism of simple and timeless lines. Always in a “DESIGN to USE” focus.

Present in several contemporary art museums, galleries and stores around the world. I have already been invited to exhibit in NY and have been present several times at fairs and events in the contemporary jewelery sector.

Today, in addition to jewelry, my work extends to painting. Something has been present in my daily life since I was 15, and today I decide that it will also be part of this my new home. Although the support of materiality is different, my vision as an artist is exactly the same.

Explore this new home, send me a message (I love to chat) and most of all welcome to this universe that is an extension of my self

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