"SELF-LOVE" is a beautiful collaboration between Telma and Marta , in a perfect marriage between jewelry and illustration respectively.

It translates our common vision that we can never love others, without first loving ourselves. This is our ODE to what LOVE should be, in a limited edition of 25 units.

When purchasing our work, you embrace values such as respect, kindness and empathy for yourself.

In your order, you will find:

PIN - Safety pin with a heart carved in oak wood and painted in red. Made by hand.

ILLUSTRATION - Fabriano 240gr paper, in A5 format. Mixed technique, numbered and signed by the artist.


Disclaimer: Please note that actual colors may vary depending on the screen on which they are viewed. Always take note of the description made.

© 2024, Self-Love, Limit Edition, Telma Ferreira + Marta Nunes. All rights reserved.

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