Handmade work made with love by Telma in a expression for a bold and minimal soul

MARIA, is a capsule collection that translates the beauty of simplicity without being simple. The organic form is combined with the ortagonal one, showing movement in each one of them, in a perfect marriage between form and proportion.

Earrings are sold individually so you can make your own custom pair. There are 5 different earrings that all match each other.

5-15 working days , of Time production, and you are always notified when the shipment is made.

Material _ laminate, brass, surgical steel

Weight Approx. = 3,5gr.

Length = 7,5cm


Disclaimer: Please note that actual colors may vary depending on the screen on which they are viewed. Always take note of the designation color as an extra help.

© 2023, MARIA capsule collection, Telma Ferreira. All rights reserved.

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