Know Me

“- I am a restless being, always searching for something new or new ways of telling the same story. Passionate about travelling, knowing other territories, other peoples and foods. I love painting, dancing, to hear some music or simply take care of my garden. Being a woman is a constant joy and being able to experience everyday life as one, is what makes me proud of myself. I love being surprised by those who I cherish and by the streets in which I purposely get lost- This is ME- This is TELMA!”

Telma was born In 1981 in Portugal, in the city of Porto, where she currently lives and gets her inspiration everyday.
She sees herself as a girl who likes to venture out and do many things at once. The inability to be without creating does not allow her to be any different. She needs to cross experiences, visions and different worlds that allow her to create a new way of seeing things. Stepping out of the box is critical and a major part of her daily life.
She has always liked to play with Legos, draw compulsively and create new pieces from old things. “- My mother likes to tell a story of when I was just four years old, where I took an empty plastic box of eggs and turned it into a handbag. I worried only in putting some handles to be able to use it and satisfied myself in just putting a coin and a scarf inside – in order to fulfill the function of the object.”
The artistic path was the only one that Telma could choose. As she walked down the street she would always look up to the windows and roofs. To the high and low relieves, textures and materials. That way, architecture has always been a part of her and it was a natural choice of career path for her to take.
Nowadays Telma is looking to venture into other artistic expressions, and so TelmaDA is born. It is more than just a personal brand, it is a way of being, with the intention of translating the world, by Telma’s perspective. She believes that being unique is not only good but fundamental and so comes her need to share her way of being with others. TelmaDA is another way of doing so.



2015 | Starts the incubation of the brand “TelmaDa” in UPTEC – School Startups – University of Porto.
Rebranding of jewelry and design brand. It becomes in personal brand by name “TelmaDa”.

2014 | Creates a Brand “Opposite- contemporary Jewelry”.

2012 |  Performs tour guides services within the scope of architecture.

2010 – 2015 | Performs functions of architecture as freelancer.

2010 | Beginning of her Master’s Degree in Architecture – FAUP – Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.

2009-2011 | STUDIO Fuksas, Massimiliano Fuksas Architect, Rome – Italy.

2007-2009 | SRU, Urban Rehabilitation Society of Porto.
ADRIANA FLORET, architecture – Sociedade Unipessoal Lda, Porto..

2007 | Degree in architecture – ESAP – Artistic School of Porto.


2015 | Award – Portojóia Academy.

2014 | Contest – “REALIZA O TEU SONHO”- organized by “ACREDITA PORTUGAL” entrepreneurship contest.

2014 | Contest – “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE” – organized by “BUILDING PICTURES”.

2014 | Competition POP’s 2014 – “Projectos Originais Portugueses”, promoted by Serralves.

2014 | 1st Place POP´s 2014 – with the OPPOSITE brand – Contemporary Jewelry.