TelmaDA is Jewelry and Design. It’s a story that tell´s a possible agregation of “my two worlds”, Design and Architecture. Always under a very unique and genuine perspective.

TelmaDa is a brand that combines architectural concepts with contemporary design. It is born basing itself on contemporary jewelry. The first intentions of creating this brand occurred in Rome where Telma worked as an architect…. When she returned to Porto, Portugal, her sketchbook was taken out of the drawer and thus the “IN” collection was developed for POP´s competition.

TelmaDa is born out of a one of a kind concept, seeking the use of industrial materials usually associated with construction, in the contemporary jewelry context. An innovative language that gives new value to non-noble materials in a unique and exclusive segment as that of jewelry. Designed for the contemporary woman, versatile, who likes and demands to be unique. We prime ourselves for the difference and uniqueness in the art of “well-being”, where each piece is handmade with love and dedication.

We produce unique and exclusive pieces. They are handmade in an irreverent and unique design, where its inspiration, even though it can come from any direction, has its main focus in architecture, in its volumetric expressions, with all its volumes and voids as well as the asymmetries that please us so much. As if the planning of a building would be present in such an element as a simple necklace.


Unique and exclusive pieces are made. Thought for the contemporary and versatile woman, who loves and demands to be Different.


We excel in creating something unique and timeless, with a personal, unique and distinctive character. In an era where uniformity reigns, we head in the opposite direction.


Time, love and dedication are part of our work. In the absence of a pattern even the limited series pieces are unique.

TelmaDa is more than a jewelry brand, it is a concept that wishes to differentiate itself from the rest and thus open up to the other branches of contemporary design.