“Attitude, Attitude, Attitude”

This blog is born out of my will to share everything, even all the small things we may discuss in the future. In fact, if I believe (and I really do) that Love is in the small details, than this place makes all the sense!

If this is a place of sharing, fast thinking, constant inspiration and Love, than it makes perfect sense that my first article is dedicated to an inspiring Lady. I’m talking about Iris Apfel.

Long story short, we are talking about a 95 years old lady who is still deemed as one of the biggest icons in today’s fashion world. She was an american Interior Designer, always travelling, and that’s maybe the reason why she became a collector of one of a kind items.

Now, let’s clarify that when I say that she inspires me, I’m not talking about her clothing style… I am talking about her way of being in life. She always had the freedom of being able to follow her heart, knowing who she really was without being afraid of pursuing happiness. She was never a people pleaser but with her courage, she conquered her space in a unique and special


She is a lady that recognizes that this world is too bland and so, she does her best to bring a little bit of colour to our lives. To her, “Attitude, attitude, attitude” is a key feature, and she aknowledges that life gave her two fundamental characteristics to be who she is:  Sense of humor and curiosity.

Being who you want to be and not who other people think of you is essencial. When this process is natural, everything more than that  is just a blessing. Because above all, we are happy! Now, that she is Special lady, whether you like her style or not, no one can not deny it!


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